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Diskutime tek 'Muzika' filluar nga mozaiku, 23 Aug 2007.

  1. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

  2. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    The world is cold and thunderous then As one dark day follows the next And from high up in the heavens Shadows fell like rain Drenching me with sorrow Drowning me in pain Pulling me deeper and deeper Spinning me faster and faster Into turbulence And helplessness And everything turned to blackness For my eyes had closed before me As I tried to hide from this sadness But there’s nowhere to hide In an empty world And then, Just as hope seemed to have faded There appeared a shelter in the distance That shelter was love That shelter was you And in cover from the tourment, I felt warmth I turned and saw a glow rising in the distance It was unlike anything I had ever seen And spellbound, I was drawn to it And slowly, gave myself to it And everything was still For this new light blinded me now And from this light, Beauty grew And as my heart stirred, Music lived in my breath And soared from my lips in a song of love And even from the depths of my memory The shadows seemed to have fled And freely I fell Deeper and deeper into this whirlwind of bliss Faster and faster Into you And there I stood Beneath heaven’s cloudy veil Threatening in it’s darkness I tried calling out one of its sweet songs But only bitter music bled from my lïps For YOU… And Love… Are GONE…

    Stuffe......BOMBASTIC GREATE.

  3. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Roi Okev
    Hakimonu alias Asaf Ezra jane DJ dhe Producent........BRILIANTE nga.......Izraeli.

    Fund jave te mbare trojaner dhe shtojzovalle.......karvanet ecin,por Qeni te kafshon me perpara.

    A-791051-1236932733.jpeg.jpg A-1245723-1484763628-2199.jpeg.jpg
  4. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Ziger is the solo project of Harris Zigeridis born in 1981 in Salonica and raised in Athens (Greece). Harris discovered his passion for electronic music since his early teenage years and soon decided to experiment in production. It was around 2000 when his first tracks were produced and it was 2002 when he did his first realease on a compilation of 'Digital Underground' one of the most known greek labels of that time. Another release followed on Starsound Records. Harris also supported the greek nightlife taking part on many parties as a dj and live pa mostly on clubs of Athens. On 2003 he make the decision and he studied computer programming and music technology.

    cb2b1e126b444c21b971414a190c2f2b.jpg 8991cb8510455f7f09e43b6726931fd9 (1).jpg
  5. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Culolethu Zulu...qe...

  6. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Fund jave te mbare duke filluar nga SOT.Te shtunen kemi do te reja calcistike apo shqelma ose napje gollash.


  7. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex


    Soulistic Music unveils the highly anticipated album by prolific DJ Da Capo. Entitled “Indigo Child,” Da Capo simply extends its offering through new frontiers of Afro House music, which is expected to now take center stage in the world of House music.

    The self-taught producer and DJ from Limpopo, whose real name is Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa saw everything from Afro House to Tribal House, then Deep House. However, Da Capo praises the Soulful Deep House scene with the masterclass that the album “Indigo Child” is also.

    Da Capo’s album “Indigo Child” is a suitable accompaniment to other projects, such as his previous albums “Da-Capo” and “Touched”. This musical art project features 12 tracks of absolute musical pleasure. The album features talented acts including SoulStar, Tshepo King, Miss Dippy, Renee Thompson, Berita, GoodLuck, Darian Crouse, Jackie Queens and Wanda Baloyi.


    hqdefault.jpg 27332536_2045557328794525_3177230328895140195_n.jpg hqdefault.jpg

    Perfundimi(si PERHERE)....eshte GEN.....qafira.

  8. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Julien's search for harmony and strong originality shows his innate ability to create music, even without vocals.

    Is this the song of war??????????????????????

    Music of happiness and FREEDOM.

    PS: por ca njelen LOQE me ato .....flamurtarizmat.


    1987.jpg 600x600.jpg
  9. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Do e bajme....



    tumblr_inline_p352hqI74O1r1u6b7_500.gif Dkll.gif

  10. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Nuk merren ruset me FSHATAR komb...

    Qe thua ti
  11. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    GRUPI me i nenvletesuar...

    Dhe................GRANDIOSI i te GJITHE KOHRAVE.

  12. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Metal Machine Music, Pere Ubu ohne Gitarren und noch ganz eigene Ideen.
    Dann ab in einen Bunker als Proberaum. Mitten im grauen Industriegebiet.

    PS: ato dy rrjeshtat me siper kuptohen...................CREATIVITET.
    Naten e mire....dhe vizitoni ate bunkerin ne qender te fshatit.
  13. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    GREAT and...MJALTE.

    Ihr papste.
  14. joetisti_

    joetisti_ Locus omnem

    Tinker Bell:
  15. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Die nackte Wahrheit!

    Eine Band welche die Wahrheit zeigt ohne Angst davor zu haben gehasst zu werden
    MEGA.......................BAND apo ORIGJINAL.
  16. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex


    GroßARTige ARBEIT.
    pappa-photo.jpg www-leescullion-com-anthony-pappa-dj.jpg s-l300.jpg
  17. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Just BRUTAL...

    JUMP....Francois Chabloz, aka. Chab, apo si i thone.... Moogwai.
    PS: do kqyr hapjen e KB ne RUSI.
  18. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    RUSIA eshte....BILION GODINA ...........AUFWÄRTS

  19. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Me ate ftyr qe ke....

  20. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Grande CARLOS.

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