I am want to meet a good boy!

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  1. Marinalof

    Marinalof Primus registratum

    Hi all
    I'm Marina :)
    I am looking for good man. If he exists...
    I'm loving sport and... Hope you understand


    This forum is unusual for me, but I think we have the same hobbies
    So lets talk.
    My e-mail is Marinalof2014@gmail.com, Skype MarishkalofXXX
    Please, send me your photos!

    Added later:

    That photography was corrupted, sorry!

    By the way, all my photos here:

    P.S. Narkomane, scadarsko - guys, please, dont comment my topic! ;)
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  2. -Zana-

    -Zana- e...Thjeshte

    Good luck , Marina !!

    Ps .. U r beautiful ( if thAts ur pic on bra ? ) and only 21, u should stay away from online dating - u got plenty of time . Be careful, all the best .
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  3. Universal

    Universal AnonymouS

    In the first place, thank you you are so open.
    I wish to find what it wants even though you are in the wrong forum!:)

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