Insatiable Darren Hayes

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    Insatiable Darren Hayes


    When moonlight crawls along the street, shasing away the summer heat, Footsteps outside somewhere below, the world revolves, I've let it go. We build our church above this street, we practice love between these sheets,

    The candy sweetness scent of you, it bathes my skin, I'm stained by you. And all I have to do is hold you, there's a racing within my heart, And I am barely touching you. Turn the lights down low, take it off, Let me show my love for you, insatiable.

    Turn me on, never stop, wanna taste every drop, My love for you, insatiable. The moonlight plays upon your skin, a kiss that lingers takes me in, I fall asleep inside of you, there are no words, there's only truth. Breathe in, breathe out, there is no sound, we move together, up and down,

    We levitate, our bodies soar, our feet don't even touch the floor. And nobody knows you like I do, coz the world, they don't understand, But I grow stronger in your hands. We never sleep, we're always holdin hands, kissin for hours, talkin, makin plans, I feel like a better man, just being in the same room. We never sleep, there's just so much to do, so much to say,

    Can't close my eyes when I'm with you, insatiable, the way I'm loving you. When I look in your eyes, insatiable, the way I make love with you, Oh, what can I do? Insatiable, insatiable for you.
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    Re: Insatiable Darren Hayes

    E keni deghuar kete kenge o njerez cfare historie ka !
  3. Tironsja-Si-Shpirt

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    Re: Insatiable Darren Hayes

    Eshte kenga me yll ne bote, hallall romantik boy, duhet me pas me shume cuna shqipetare qe jane romantik se ne pergjithsi jane macho, te forte:)Edhe ashu me pelqejne mua though. Vetem te jene Shqipe.
  4. receli

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    Re: Insatiable Darren Hayes

    Eshte vertet e mrekullushme ajo kenge..

    cdo dite e degjoj..

    Kurse kjo qe kendon kto dit ky Darrieni.. relejshen shcip...sikur ska ndoj bukuri..

    Bravo romanticno boj.

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