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  1. Airbourne

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    If it was that way at least there would be a way for people to know that there’s good music, of all different genres. Maybe you want to pay attention to quality more than quantity. But hey man, Americans love quantity. They love it. They would rather have 90 pieces of shit at a lower price than two pieces of gold.
    I don’t know where I fit in this world, he says. I just try to pretend that I can live in my own fourth dimension universe.

    Fazit: DAVE WYNDORF ist...........................GROßE KLASSE.
    Perfundimi: firmoset apo NENSHKROHET dhe pastaj....stamposet,Siegel-ohet ose VULOSET.
    Naten e mire.
    Siegel_Lyrik.gif 978-3-660-07273-0.ANS.2.jpg MG_0859.jpg
  2. Airbourne

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    DUHET ta mbyllin HALEN me flamur.
    00441079_40b249a91acec2ad2e0cff995e6851c8_arc614x376_w285_us1.png Africa children postcard2.jpg
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    Meqenese Krishtlindjet po afrojne, nder albumet me te arrira nga Nat King Cole, nje legjende e muzikes Jazz. Vokal brilliant.

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